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Hey scaleup,
ready for ignition?

Important choices are ahead.

 As entrepreneurs + investors we love to help and give you a boost.

It's all about execution.
You got it off the ground - great! Next step is to decide on the right scaling strategy and execute. That's where we come in: to help you reach that second stage.
You are in control.
We bring in our smart funding and guide you hands-on. We never aim for a majority stake. Together with our high end partners we want you to be successful and in control.
Not your typical investor.
No suit 'n ties but denim and motorcycles. We started, bought, scaled and sold a bunch of tech companies. We learned the hard way so you can do it the smart way.
How we invest

Targeting early stage scaleups

And fly them to the moon.

We are triggered by ventures with tech at their core. SaaS, Data, AI, platform - if it's B2B we get exited. We assess the business case, product, team, and our added value. If all stars align, we put it in gear. The next gear.. but let's start with a coffee in A'DAM.

Our approach
Our partners to accelerate that boost.
Secondstage Venture - Cuurios

Digital workflow optimization for asset rich businesses.

Connect your people, machinery and processes with data, leading to more efficient operations.
"Our product is delivering and we signed a global contract with TotalEnergies. Their hands-on + funding approach is just great. Jeroen and Remco are really paving our path and help make the right decisions."

- Leen de Graaf, CEO Cuurios
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