We raised 11M Eur and closed our first fund.

In-depth assessed ventures
Portfolio ventures onboarded since start September 2021
800k-3M Eur
Investment ticketsize
How we convert to success

We have developed a proven process to convert a promise into a business success.

We aren't impressed by a flashy product and skip the infamous valley of death.


Team, Traction & Technology.

The selection of future stars is coming down to a lot more than a promising product only. Our future ventures should have a excellent score on our '3T-model' starting with team capabilities. We dive into their SaaS technology on code-level and we get only excited when there's intrinsic traction: a problem that is solved in the heart of enterprise organizations with no need for intens marketing.


The buy-in.

Given our hands on approach there should be a natural fit with the founding team. To make the chemistry work we need to see an open mindset. Together we want to discover the full opportunity, define it and commit to the road ahead. We demand clean cap-tables and realistic valuations. We only step in when we can add serious value and have the full support of the founding team.


Motivational term sheet.

When selected carefully, we believe the founders should be in control as long as possible. They are the entrepreneurs that ignited the journey. In this phase, their passion and total commitment are crucial to the future success and both are best served with a majority stake as long as possible. This means we aim for a
sizeable minority stake or convertible loan, paired with a strategic plan and fully motivated founders team.


Start scaling it already.

As soon as all signatures are in place, we ignite the boosters. We engage our expert partners to assist in tech development, hiring the best talent, turn strategy to execution and look for the best marketing and sales mix. We get involved to oversee this process and tackle roadblocks. We activate our own commercial network whenever possible and support the crucial decision making that's key to future success.


Delivered on a promise.

We started this process in a market with very few competitors. Now it’s time to say goodbye in a market with a hoard of eager investors and/or buyers. The venture is now generating serious revenue and profit, with underlying recurring contracts and happy clients. We consider a follow on investment for the extremely successful ventures. For the others -the very successful ventures - we move towards divestment.
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Low-risk. High rewards.

The startup ecosystem has gained a lot of momentum. The number of ventures is growing at stellar speeds and incubators have matured very rapidly. This is all great news -but the next phase of scaling comes with a lot of challenges and funding is just one of them. A lot of investors approach this as a numbers game, like flipping a coin. We don’t. Instead we focus on challenges ahead to deliver successful ventures. And dito returns.
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