How we scale tech ventures

Merging capital with hands-on support.

When traction is knocking on the door loudly we are there to let it in.

We strongly believe that funding and hands-on experience is a solid mix. And ‘hands-on’ in our book means more than a quote on a website and a rolodex of loosely connected contacts.

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Our steps to success

Entrepreneurial smartness for your operation.

Every decision is important. We help making the tough ones. For the rest we probably have an answer already.


Bounty Island.

Together we define our common goal and the trajectory to get there. We will enjoy several sessions to draft our adventurous milestones and endgame. If needed we involve our dedicated partner Summiteers, masters of strategy execution. Think McKinsey, but without the dusty old-school-boys-network.


Execution is key.

Not everything in your venture needs to be adventurous. Execution plays a crucial role in turning promise into business success. Let’s take advantage of proven, if sometimes boring, operational practices to scale. If needed we involve our dedicated finance, sales, marketing, recruitment, HR or legal partners.


Choice support.

Making the right choices is one of the biggest challenges. We are there to assist - even though you will have to make the final call yourself. We have numerous learnings (and scars). Choosing right when software is involved, is a big one. Good thing we have a number of dedicated IT partners on guru level.



We throw everything we have at the proposition and market presence. We activate our commercial network as of day one. If it helps, we join in sales meetings. Additionally, we involve our dedicated marketing partner to turn a so-so website and outdated social media presence to a humming sales channel.


Numbers game.

We aren't that keen on numbers right now, but your future success depends on it. First step is to have the right kpi’s (financial and strategic) in monthly format and your financials in Olympic shape. In the endgame you benefit from our investment experience when engaging with the ‘sharks’.

You'll be in good company.

These great teams joined us already.

It's a challenge to grow. We know.

Kick starting a business, soaking up its initial success. It’s addictive. If it’s the scenery, the lingo, the ecosystem and the network drinks you’re hooked on, don’t call us. If it’s the product detailing, the proposition finetuning, the bigger than life success and the strategic endgame that haunts your dreams, please do. We would like to meet and buy you a drink.
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