Happy agents, better conversations.

Secondstage Venture #3: Deepdesk

Increase customer satisfaction without the cost: Deepdesk’s Agent Assist helps customer support agents have more fulfilling customer conversations.

Our AI customer support plugin makes agent life much easier: it frees them from boring and repetitive tasks. And it increases agent confidence by providing them with magically relevant suggestions, enabling them to steer conversations into a fulfilling direction. Agents love to work with Deepdesk.

By suggesting relevant content and procedures, our AI customer support plugin empowers agents to always provide a satisfying solution. And automating repetitive tasks is a significant time saver, enabling agents to help more customers without feeling rushed. Say goodbye to long waiting times.

All our AI suggestions are delivered right where your agents need it: directly in their chat window and in whatever Customer Support Platform your organization is using. No need to switch apps. No need to open new browser tabs.

“Decrease customer service handling time by an average of 16%.”

Deepdesk clients: Vodafone Ziggo, ANWB, TransIP, Caiway, Delta

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