We harmonize technology.

Secondstage Venture #4: Omnimap

Omnimap harmonizes technology. We connect new and existing technology to create the optimal experience for customers, citizens and employees. Our horizontal low-code integration platform can meet the needs of today and tomorrow to innovate and design without requiring programming knowledge. Technology is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. It serves a purpose. Whether you are a developer, an IT manager or a CEO, our mission is to deliver the most valuable solution to help you achieve your goals.

WHAT WE BELIEVE. To make technology work for people, so that we can create a future-proof world together. Technology affects everyone, everywhere and at any time of the day. We believe that technology is only truly empowered when it works for you. Driven from the solution and not from technology. Focusing on meeting people's needs to make a real difference in our daily lives.

“Everything is a process, each more complex than the next. Process-based working provides control and insight to all involved.”

WHAT WE SEE. A world enriched by smart ecosystems. A whole is greater than the sum of all its parts'. Aristotle's quote explains exactly why we strongly believe in a future of connected ecosystems . The power of the whole while at the same time respecting the independent added value of each part. The future is not about cutting edge technologies. The future is about seamlessly bringing together new and existing technologies that pursue a common goal.

Omnimap clients: Microsoft, Municipality of Amsterdam, Municipality of Rotterdam, Municipality of The Hague

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